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Everyday Heroes 2: A Collection Of Inspirational & Motivational Stories

Oleh : Matt Bacak


A Collection Of Motivational & Inspirational Stories written from the heart by authors around the world. This book gives in two ways - first, these inspirations and experts have come together to share their formulas for great life and great business; second, all authors have agreed to contribute 100% of proceeds to the Cancer Research Institute.

This inspirational, motivational and instructional collection contains the brilliance of these Everyday Heroes: Alicia Lyttle, Amy Stefanik, Andrew Gunn, Anthony Mc Carthy, Barb Ling, Bob Beckett, Brad Spencer, Brandon Richey, Brian Basilico, C Mike Lewis, Daryl Hill, Dave Seymour, David Perdew, Devon Brown, Janak Mehta, Jason Myers, Jason Oman, Jeanne Beemer Kolenda, Jenny Kavanagh, Kelly Cole, Laura Horan, Liz Benny, Nick James, Phil Perrin, Reed Floren, Richard Krawczyk, Ron Douglas, Ron White, Sean McCarthy, Shari Friedman, Sheri Elsen, Sherrie Rose, Steve Sipress, Valerie DuVall, Warren Whitlock, Zane Corriher

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